We are

A Church After God’s Own Heart

Our Story

Gospel Heights was birthed in a basement in Brampton in 2016, built upon the vision that God placed in the heart of Pastor Vimson. We had one goal – share the love of Jesus with our community. Two years and many BBQs later, we were inspired to serve our purpose at a larger scale. God’s promise to our ministry stands strong, and today we are a fun-filled, Sunday morning church in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, serving a people that crave the presence of God and a purpose-driven life. We want to bring Toronto closer to Jesus, and we believe our story does not end any time soon.

We want you to be a part of our story.

Our Mission

We want to bring people into a relationship with Jesus in a world of chaos, and experience His unconditional love for all of mankind.

Our Values

We truly value living our life journey centered around Jesus Christ and connecting people with our loving Saviour.

We are genuinely passionate about serving our community and welcoming all people with open arms, always.

We are focused on becoming an engine that powers global missions while collaborating with churches and community leaders.