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We're glad you made it! You found us!
Welcome to Gospel Heights. We are a people that loves God and loves our community dearly. We come together as a church family for one reason - JESUS. We exist to tell everyone about HIM, build a relationship with HIM and serve HIM.
If you are seeking a relationship with the Saviour of the world then you are at the right place! If you are visiting Toronto or looking for a church family with open arms, well... you got it - you are at the right place! Come church with us!

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Sundays at 11 AM

Pastor Vimson Varghese

We all seek love, a family that cares and a community that supports us. We continue to search for hope, sometimes purpose or maybe relief from the tough situations we are surrounded by. Just remember, we are not alone. We have to choose to trust in Jesus and we have to ensure that we have a support system in place to help us follow Jesus. I hope that our church can serve you as you strive to pursue the one way, one truth and one source of life - our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.